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About Matthew Bofenkamp

Hello everyone! My name is Matthew Bofenkamp. I am a game designer and programmer from the Seattle area, currently based in Pittsburgh. I am a current 2nd year grad student at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center.

I have two goals in this life: to bring joy to as many people as I can, and to make sure everyone has a voice. These goals brought me into the games industry, and they shape everything I do from what I create professionally to what I do for fun to how I act in the company of others. 

What sets me apart from other designers is my sense of humor, my extensive knowledge of world cultures and world music, my ability to improvise, and my willingness to make games very different from the ones I play. Also, thanks to my biology degree, I have a thorough understanding of the scientific method, which makes it very easy for me to isolate problems, whether that be bugs in the code or bugs in the game design.

My main areas of professional interest are in game design with a focus on systems design and front-end software engineering with a focus on gameplay programming, though I'm very much open to design/engineering positions outside my focus area. I also have plenty of experience with writing, focusing on fiction that is grounded in comedy but features serious characters and topics. I also have experience with musical composition and 2D art.