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About Matthew Bofenkamp

Hi everyone! My name is Matthew Bofenkamp. I am a game designer and programmer from the Seattle area, currently based in Los Angeles, CA. I work as the Lead Developer, Executive Producer, Designer, and Writer at Lunarwood Studios, a small indie studio I co-founded in 2019. I have also previously worked as a software engineer at Trigger Global XR, Gravity Jack, Inc., and Alchemie Solutions.

Honors and Awards:

 - Selected for Alt.Ctrl.GDC 2020 (The Unfathomed Voyager)

 - Two Shorty Award nominations for Best in Augmented Reality and Best in Sport (Verizon AR Pro Interactive)

 - Streamy Award Nomination for Best Sponsored Video (100 People Call Someone To Say "I Love You," by Cut)

 - Bronze Award for Best Student Game at Serious Play 2019 (BROKE: The Game)

 - Selected for CHI PLAY 2019 (BROKE: The Game)

 - Selected for HCI International 2019 (The Unfathomed Voyager)

 - Selected for Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center Festival 2018 (The Unfathomed Voyager)

 - Five various game jam awards

I strive to create content that brings joy, catharsis, and a feeling of being seen to those who experience it.

Outside my life as a software engineer, I have been seen by millions as a regular guest on the YouTube channel Cut, have a virus named after me because I discovered it, study, share, and accumulate music from hundreds of countries and languages, and wrote a short comedy play about tech companies, impostor syndrome, and Jesus that was a local hit in Pittsburgh for a while in 2018. 

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