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World Music: An Exploration

At Carnegie Mellon University, I taught a class about popular international music from every country in the world. Here are some links to materials from the course that will help you discover and listen to songs from the course (since many of them are really good).

Since my appearances on Cut, I've gained hundreds of followers on Spotify, notably for my multilanguage playlist (left). I've also created playlists for:

I continue to create opportunities for people to discover new music, notably through the Trigger Song Contest, an event I host at TriggerXR every two weeks where employees submit one song each in a common theme, everyone votes for their favorite, and the winner gets to pick the theme of the next edition. I also run the Genrevision Song Contest annually, in which participants are randomly assigned ten microgenres of music, submit one song that fits into at least one of those genres, and everyone votes on which song is the best.

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