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YouTube Appearances

Since 2021, I've appeared in over 30 YouTube videos on the channel Cut, all of which have hundreds of thousands to millions of views. Most notably in a video where I guessed what language strangers were speaking with great accuracy, which gained over 4 million videos on YouTube, over 10 million views on TikTok, and resulted in me gaining a modest fanbase (which I still find quite weird, but cool).

My many appearances have led to me becoming a somewhat recognizable face on the channel, where I'm known for being very knowledgeable, kind, and  wholesome. My fame on Cut has also led to me getting roles on other channels like Jubilee, for which I've filmed a few unreleased videos (as of August 2022).

My time on YouTube has helped me become very comfortable in front of a camera and generally being in the spotlight. The small dose of fame I've received has also helped me give a voice and recognition to others, especially through my Spotify playlist with one song each in over 450 languages, which currently has over 6,500 followers and many good reviews from listeners. It's also helped me become more bold and confident in the face of challenges, since I've put myself in some... intimidating situations on camera and survived them.


 - Streamy Award Nomination for Best Branded Video

 - Sometimes getting recognized in the streets by strangers

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