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AR Comic Book App

Completed: Sorry, NDA

Genre: AR Storytelling

Platform(s): iOS

Description: As a companion app to a specific comic book, if users point their phone camera at specific pages of a comic book, the camera will recognize them and play an animated sequence related to that page (speech bubbles popping out with voice acting, VFX, 3D models of the action, collectibles, etc.)

I work on this project as part of my work at Trigger for a celebrity client. Most of my tasks have been based on reviving the app, as it hadn't been touched for years, and I had to upgrade the technology behind it to newer versions, which broke many aspects of the app that I had to put back together. Nobody at the company knew how the code worked, since everyone who worked on the project previously either didn't work at Trigger anymore or didn't remember the specifics because it had been a few years. I had to put a lot of work into reading through the code (including YAML in Unity scene files), learning how it all worked on my own, fixing various bugs, and fixing the landing page of the app, which was completely nonfunctional when I first received the project. 

Additionally, I had to create some tools for testing the app in the unity editor, since the app was built in a way that made testing many aspects of the app impossible in the editor, and building in Unity and XCode every time I needed to test the app was simply too time-consuming. 

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