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Verizon AR Pro Interactive

Released: 2018, development ongoing

Download here

Genre: Sports Training, AR

Platform(s): iOS, Android

Description: Choose a very prominent athlete in a variety of sports, use AR to put a 3D model of them in your world, and they teach you their signature move.


 - Shorty Award nominations for Best in Augmented Reality and Best in Sports

My roles: 

 - Software Engineer

I've worked on AR Pro since the Fall of 2021 as part of my work at Trigger XR. For most of the project, I've either been the only engineer or one of two actively writing code for the app (with additional support from creative, producers, QA, and engineering managers). The app was fully released when I came onto the project, so I've been working on adding additional features, content, and bug fixes.

What I specifically did:

 - Create subtitles for the entire app (I wrote code that imports dozens of SRT files that I made, displays subtitles from the correct file with the correct timestamps based on data extracted from video players, audio players, holographic video players, and unity timelines)

 - Adjust permissions flow on first run of the app

 - Clean up and take inventory of popups used within the app

 - Coordinate and conduct user tests from which to collect data

 - Add new athletes to the app using a content manager made in-house (involves setting up and controlling the presentation of data, organizing all the volumetric captures of the athletes, editing localization documents, and sometimes swiftly removing athletes when they get caught using performance-enhancing drugs!)

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