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Unfathomed Voyager

Completed: 2018

Genre: Cooperative Multiplayer

Platform: Windows + 14 Phidgets

Description: Three players work together to pilot a malfunctioning submarine with the hope of capturing a blobfish. Each player has a unique control panel and one instruction to operate one control (which may or may not be on their control panel) in a specific way. Players must work together to make sure all tasks are followed.

Unusual elements:

 - We built three unique control panels

 - Use of 14 Phidgets at once

 - Finally giving blobfish the recognition in games they deserve

 - Rotating box input used (fun!)

 - Freaking out is beneficial at times

 - Probably the best use of an oxyextrapolator in any game ever


 - Selected for presentation at Alt.Ctrl.GDC 2020

Presented in the Building Virtual Worlds Festival, which is reserved for only the highest quality worlds made in CMU's Building Virtual Worlds class

 - The subject of Unfathomed Voyager: The Design of Real-Life Cooperation Game, an academic paper which I co-wrote with Boyi Liu, which is to be presented at the HCI International Conference 2019 in Orlando, Florida, and has been published in HCI in Games, edited by Xiaowen Fang. 

My roles: 

 - Solo programmer

 - Designer

 - Writer

 - Voice actor for player characters

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