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Unfathomed Voyager

Completed: 2018

Genre: Cooperative Multiplayer

Platform: Windows + 14 Phidgets

Description: Three players work together to pilot a malfunctioning submarine with the hope of capturing a blobfish. Each player has a unique control panel and one instruction to operate one control (which may or may not be on their control panel) in a specific way. Players must work together to make sure all tasks are followed.

Unusual elements:

 - We built three unique control panels

 - Use of 14 Phidgets at once

 - Finally giving blobfish the recognition in games they deserve

 - Rotating box input used (fun!)

 - Freaking out is beneficial at times

 - Probably the best use of an oxyextrapolator in any game ever


 - Selected for presentation at Alt.Ctrl.GDC 2020

 - Presented in the Building Virtual Worlds Festival, which is reserved for only the highest quality worlds made in CMU's Building Virtual Worlds class

 - The subject of Unfathomed Voyager: The Design of Real-Life Cooperation Game, an academic paper which I co-wrote with Boyi Liu, which is to be presented at the HCI International Conference 2019 in Orlando, Florida, and has been published in HCI in Games, edited by Xiaowen Fang. 

 - Covered by Gamasutra in this interview with me and my team.

My roles: 

 - Solo programmer

 - Designer

 - Writer

 - Voice actor for player characters

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