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Completed: 2018

Download here

Genre: Arcade

Platform(s): PC, Mac, Linux

Description: Inside a spinning octagon, there are nine balls. Figure out which ones have gravity that goes up and which ones have gravity that goes down.


W/Up: Guess upwards gravity

S/Down: Guess downwards gravity

D/Right: Skip the current ball and come back to it later

Click: Progress through results

Unusual elements:

 - Game mechanics are unlike any other

 - Seriously, this game shouldn't look very much like any other game

 - Localized to English, Spanish, and Norwegian Bokmål


 - Sponsored by the CEDINM (Circuit of Exhibition, Development, and Research of the New Media) in Camagüey, Cuba, and is a permanent fixture there for members of the public to play.

My roles: 

 - Designer

 - Programmer (including localization)

 - Artist

 - UX Designer

 - Norwegian Bokmål Translator

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