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Verto Animo

Completed: 2017

Download here:

Genre: Platformer

Platform(s): PC, Mac (X-Box Controllers recommended)

Description: Help the characters escape various rooms. Each player controls the left/right movement of one character and the jumping of the other.


Up (keyboard)/W (keyboard)/A (controller): Jump

Left+Right (keyboard)/A+D (keyboard)/Stick (controller): Move left and right, respectively.

Unusual elements:

 - Dissociation of identity

 - Partial control of each character

 - Levels take zero time to load (you're welcome)


 - #2 People's Choice at Game Creation Society Release Showcase

My roles: 

 - Technical designer, notably for designing how the computer transitions between levels to make it happen as quickly as possible, as well as storing the sequence of levels in a way that is easy for designers to change without causing bugs.

 - Programmer, specifically of the system above and character movement.

 - Level designer (mainly tutorial levels)

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