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The Ferryman

Completed: 2018

Genre: 'Walking' simulator (Boating simulator?)

Platform: HTC Vive

Description: The guest/player takes the role of Charon, a figure in Greek mythology who would take recently departed souls across The River Styx into the afterlife. In this game, Charon must help Theo, a recently deceased man, come to terms with his death.

The full script, which I wrote can be viewed here.

Unusual elements:

 - A long stick, analogous to the one Charon uses to punt his boat, is the only control (complete with built-in sound effects!)

 - Focus on Charon, who is usually a background character in Greek mythology whose story is never told

 - Experience a series of moments from Theo's life, which are projected on magical screens that erupt from lanterns


 - "A really solid experience. If [this team] had spent two months on this ... it would be the sort of thing that like in the VR art circles would get a lot of interest and power and attraction in it." - Jesse Schell, C.E.O. of Schell Games

My roles: 

 - Game designer

 - Lead programmer

 - Lead writer

 - Voice actor for Niko (Theo's son)

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