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Talk of the Town

Completed: 2018

Download here: Note: Play the game in the maximum allowed screen dimensions for the best experience.

Genre: Arcade

Platform(s): PC, Mac

Description: Convince as much of the town as possible that you are the party king and not your opponent. Prove to your fellow citizens that you really are the life of the party by completing the challenges they give you. Succeed, and they'll tell everyone that you truly party harder than everyone else, transmitting your charisma across the community. Convince the most people that you party the hardest, and you win!


 World Navigation:

 - Player 1 uses WASD to move and E to talk

 - Player 2 uses arrow keys to move and right shift to talk

Find beetle minigame:

 - Press the key next to the answer choice that shows a beetle

Count the girls minigame:

 - Up and down to toggle the counter

 - Right to confirm your answer

Ball in cup minigame:

 - Left and right to move cup

Disco dancing minigame:

 - Use left and right quickly to dance

Dance Dance Revolution minigame:

 - Press the keys on the falling squares when they are in the buttons

Pushup minigame:

 - Press up to get the mark in the green box

Unusual elements:

 - Using gossiping strangers to help you get ahead in life

 - Probably the only place where Nupserha atriceps is relevant outside biology databases

 - Counting is difficult sometimes


 - Best Theming Award at Global Game Jam 2018

 - Nominated for the majority of awards presented

My roles: 

 - Game designer, specifically the concept of two players competing to convince the masses that something is true and using their gossip as a tool. I also designed the disco dance minigame, the find the beetle minigame, and the count the girls minigame

 - Map designer

 - Programmer, specifically for NPC interactions, the changing of opinions of the NPCs, the find the beetle minigame, and the count the girls minigame

 - Artist for the up and down arrows in the find the girls minigame

 - Writer of all the incorrect answers in the find the beetle minigame

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