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Completed: 2017

Download rules here:

Genre: Combat

Platform(s): Tabletop

Description: Battle your opponents with luck and skill until you are the last one standing. Knock them out with dice, build blockades to defend yourself from enemies, strike your opponents with lightning, run for your life, or build your own strength and stamina in this game of suspense and twists and turns.

Unique elements:

 - Death is more fun in this game than in any other game.

 - Using dice as projectiles

 - Each turn begins by rolling a moveset die, which drastically changes what will happen during your turn.

 - Prioritize the stats of your army by deciding which dice will determine their abilities.

 - Trap your friends in cages

 - Trap yourself in a cage if you hate the world and just want to escape it

 - Play with up to 20 people

 - Have an intense match with the whole family that ends with grandma massacring everyone with lightning (it happened)

 - Die and win anyway

 - Name the members of your army after your favorite lunch meats (or anything else, it's up to you)


 - Referred to as "better than the Nintendo Switch" by one playtester

My roles:

 - Game Designer

 - Lasercut all the blockades

 - Design the character sheet

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