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Leap of Faith

Completed: 2017

Download here:

Genre: Platformer

Platform(s): Mac

Description: You have been dropped into a void and must discover the world around you with the hope that it may help you discover yourself.


 - A/D or left/right to move

 - W/Space/Up to jump

 - Click to breathe

Unique elements:

 - Breathing is useful

 - Based on the cultural concept of the Sami people of northern Norway/Sweden/Finland/Russia that connecting with the world around you will help you learn more about yourself.

 - Inspired by the song First Step in Faith (Oadjebasvuhtii) by Elin and the Woods, a Sami artist.

 - Discovery with a nonlinear path

 - No death or punishment

My roles:

 - All programming

 - All artwork

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