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Kinesin Dash

Completed: 2016

Download here:

Genre: Arcade

Platform(s): Mac

Description: Quick cell biology lesson: The cells in your body need many different proteins to function, and these proteins need to be transported to many different areas. The proteins are carried in containers called vesicles, which are pulled by the molecule kinesin across microtubules. You can think of it like a horse-drawn carriage: Proteins are the passengers, the vesicle is the carriage, kinesin is the horses, and microtubules are the road. The kinesin molecule is shaped similarly to a person, in that it has two legs, each with a foot at the end (even though biology refers to them as heads), and travels along the microtubule in a walking motion. The walking is directed by ions known as inorganic phosphates (Pi). To step off the microtubule, the foot must lose a Pi. To step back on the microtubule, the foot must gain a Pi.

In this game, you must help the kinesin move the vesicle full of proteins to a target membrane as quickly as possible by shooting instructions to lose or gain a phosphate group at the right kinesin heads.


 - A/D to rotate cannon

 - Space to fire cannon

 - E to swap between adding Pi and removing Pi

 - Click to use buttons

Unique elements:

 - The mechanics never change as the game progresses, but the changing angle of the shots that players need to make from the canon as the kinesin heads progress across the microtubule creates a difference in difficulty that makes an interest curve.

 - Takes 'walking simulator' in a completely different direction

 - Makes cell biology cute

 - Science accuracy and fun approved by Dr. Manojkumar Puthenveedu

My roles:

 - Game design

 - Drew all artwork

 - Programmed the whole thing

 - Science consulting

 - Basically everything

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