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Heroes Academy

Completed: 2016

Download here:

Genre: Platform

Platform(s): Mac

Description: Congratulations! You're enrolled at Heroes Academy: A special school for superheroes like you! All your classmates have cool superpowers, like super speed or flight, but you don't. Your superpower is that whenever you feel pain, a couch magically appears in front of you. Naturally, your classmates bully you for having such a weird superpower, and now you must safely get to science class.


 - WASD/Arrow keys to run and jump

 - Space to make couch (costs health)

 - Hold spacebar to fling couch. This is the only way to defeat bullies, but take away more health.

Unique elements:

 - Humorous mechanic

 - All hail couch girl

 - Throw couches at people you hate

 - Accidentally burying yourself in couches

My roles:

 - Team lead

 - Pitching the project

 - Lead designer

 - Programming some movement mechanics

 - Level design

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