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Donut Tumble

Completed: Not yet!

Gameplay video:

Genre: Arcade

Platform(s): iOS, Android

Description: Pinball, but with tilt controls instead of flippers. Turn your device in any direction to help a cute little monster get all the donuts its little heart desires. Levels may include walls, Rita the cat (we love her. She's orange, but she doesn't do anything), bumpers, whirlpools, size changers, and competition.


 - Tilt/turn to move monster

 - Tap to pause game

 - Tap on buttons to use them

Unique elements:

 - 360˚ tilt controls

 - Change your character's size without restriction

 - Placeholder artwork!

 - A cat who does little more than sleep and recite Gandhi quotes

 - Over 30 levels of donut collection

My roles:

 - Game designer of everything

 - Programmer of everything

 - Level designer of everything

 - Writer of almost everything

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