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Challenger Deep

Completed: 2016

Download here:

Genre: Platformer

Platform(s): PC with GameCube controller (optional, but recommended)

Description: You are a diver, and your submarine has crashed. Your crew is nowhere to be found, and all you have to follow is a mysterious noise from the deep.

Controls: This game is designed for connecting a Nintendo GameCube Controller to the computer. If you do not have one, the in-game controls will be altered as follows (presented in form GameCube control -> mac/windows control):

A -> Z

B/X/Y -> X

Grey Joystick -> Arrow Keys

L/R -> A/S

Z -> Spacebar

Up Button -> 1

Unique elements:

 - Walk on frozen jellyfish

 - Follow your dreams (but only if your dreams are a mysterious subterranean noise)

My roles:

 - Artist of bomb throwers, rock piles, sea urchins, boots, and ice gun

 - Game designer

 - Composer of all music

 - Designer of the mysterious sound

 - Writer of some in-game text

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