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Beauties and the Beast

Completed: 2016

Download here:

Genre: Dating Sim

Platform(s): PC

Description: You are Beast from Beauty and the Beast, and if you don't get married in a week, you will be stuck as a beast forever! Luckily, your trusty butler, Beauregard, has brought five women for you to try to impress. Get to know your choice of them with the hopes of making yourself a groom.


 - Click to choose dialogue

 - Click to navigate map

 - Click to advance text

Unique elements:

 - Marry a cow

 - Get insulted repeatedly by Lucille

 - Change the course of a classic piece of literature

Awards: Best Gameplay Award at Fairytale Game Jam 2016

My roles:

 - Background artist

 - Map artist

 - Game design

 - Drawing UI that shows where each character is on the map

 - Programming the timing for Patrice's vocals

 - Turn the entire development team into portraits for the Palace dining hall

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