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Employed Since: Jan 2020

Company website here:

Genre: Edutainment

Platform(s): Historically, mobile and browser

Currently, I'm employed at Alchemie Solutions as a Unity Developer, working on an unannounced project, which I mostly can't discuss because of my NDA. I'm mostly working on the development of the project alone, reporting to the CTO for various tasks.

My work involves a lot of development from the ground up in Unity, but also Alchemie primarily uses Unity for testing purposes before converting projects to JavaScript Interactables, meaning I have to work to avoid overuse of Unity-specific features, like raycasting, which forces me to come up with creative solutions to various problems. It also means I have to do a lot of math, notably linear algebra, which has showed up many times in my work. I never learned linear algebra in an academic setting, so I've had to do a fair amount of very targeted self-study on top of my development.

The project also involves work with a subject matter expert outside the company, so I also have to communicate to him what has been accomplished, our plans for the future of the project, and the meaning behind the decisions we've made.

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