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A Queso Missing Gods

Completed: 2016

Download here:

Genre: Platformer

Platform(s): PC, Mac (Also available in Norwegian on Mac)

Description: There has been an apocalyptic event in the cheese world, and the mighty Master Muenster has called you, Cheesus, to collect the ingredients necessary to summon the greatest of cheese deities: the Bleus Gex. Collect the ingredients by running and jumping to the remaining islands of the cheese world and defeating cheese-eating beasts.


 - A/D or Left/Right to move

 - Space to jump

Unusual elements:

 - More cheese per capita than any other game.



 - First Penguin Award for ambition at Global Game Jam 2016

 - Technical Achievement Award at Global Game Jam 2016

My roles: 

 - Programming the whole dang thing after just using Unity for the first time two days before the Jam began. 

 - Game design

 - Translating the game text into Norwegian Bokmål

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