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A Matter of Fact

Completed: 2017

Download here:

Genre: Simulation

Platform(s): PC, Mac

Description: You and an opponent are running for office! To win, build radio towers in your country near the towns you want votes from, so they can hear how great you are and how terrible your opponent is! Also, you can create news stories to broadcast to potential voters.


 - Click on buttons

 - Type your news keywords

 - Click to place towers or move your towers

Unusual elements:

 - News writing is presented like Mad Libs, but it builds on itself.

 - Watch people react to the custom news you create.

 - Mechanic about strategically placing radio towers such that as many people will hear your messages as possible.

Awards: Diversity Award at Global Game Jam 2016 for the diverse array of opinions presented in the game

My roles: 

 - Composing the background music

 - Writing a program to randomly generate names of towns by combining random letters in a way that's pronounceable.

 - Writing another program to stop swear words from appearing in the cities' names, as requested by the residents of Eepmycock.

 - Writing some of the townspeople's reactions to broadcasts ("I'm not for _! Kill it!")

 - Game Designer

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