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112: The Saga

Completed: 2015

Download here:

Genre: Arcade

Platform(s): PC, Mac

Description: You're enrolled in the most famously challenging course at Carnegie Mellon: Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science, known more simply as 112. Progress through 10 weeks of homework, each one represented by a room with a minigame inside based on the material taught that week. Complete the challenges using your trusty sword of python, and pass the class with the highest grade you can get!


 - WASD or arrow keys to move

 - Space to use sword of python

Unusual elements:

 - Started a trend of games about 112.

 - You can destroy your mother and Norway.

 - Some minigames have very unique mechanics.

 - You can get killed by a histogram.

Awards: Chosen as one of the top 15 of ≈500 final projects for the class this game is about.

My roles: 

 - Programmed everything

 - Game design

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